About Us

The TB Contracting Company is a well- known leading contracting company specialized in construction business with long and rich experience in this field. TB was established in the year 2000 and with a head quarter in Hebron City. TB is currently employing about 450; about 50 of them are fixed contracts employees.

TB had planned to establish a multi-Lock doors factory to meet the rapid demand increase due to the blooming construction and housing activities in the Palestinian market. Part of the demand is to meet the TB needs, which will be an important customer for its construction projects.

The TB management realized the importance of this project as a result of their heavy involvement in the construction and contracting market.

The factory was established on a land area of 6000 square meters in the city of Beit Ula, at Hebron District, at the Southern area of the West Bank and located about 15km to the north west of Hebron City and about 5 km away from Tarqumia border crossing point between Palestine and Israel.

Beit Ula Municipality had created an industrial zone within the city limits of about 300 donums with good infrastructure services including roads and utilities.