Technical Info

Door Structure Information

Internal Structure of the Door

TB.LOCK entry Doors have been designed for the protection of your household and therefore are manufactured from galvanized steel for exceptional strength against thefts or robbery attempts


In maintaining the solid strength of all TB.LOCK entry doors, each door is built with vertical and horizontal reinforcements. The body, steel core of the leaf, is strengthened with vertical U reinforcing that increase the resistance and rigidity of the entire structure. The lock is further protected by a drill resistant plate that increases resistance against burglary tools. 

These reinforcements are designed to strengthen the door structure and to create a stable and resistant binding between the inner part of the door and the outer layer.


TB.LOCK entry Doors are equipped with telescopic bottom insert for door height adjustment.

The galvanized steel panels are 1.25mm thick and are available in a variety of finishes. The doors are equipped with a four way locking system comprising of seven active bolts. The lock also activates upper and rear 13 mm bolts.

Additional reinforcement mechanisms, located below and possibly above the main lock, and 2 fixed bolts in the hinge side are attaching the door Leaf to the frame applying high security structure.

The bolts are independent which means that forcing one bolt will not affect the others and will not cause the opening of the lock system by pushing or applying pressure on a bolt head.


An improved cylinder protector, preventing picking and drilling as well as forcing of the lock cylinder. 

The robust structure of the door is highly resistant to weather conditions, further more the insulating and soundproof panels inside the body provide excellent sound and heat insulation. Greater air-tightness and silent closure is guaranteed by the rubber gasket or PVC seal, positioned throughout the perimeter of the leaf and frame.



All TB.LOCK entry doors have three "pipe" type hinge systems which connect the door leaf to the door jamb. The three dimensions adjustable hinges simplify and enhance the door installation quality making the process easier and more precise.

The hinges match to inside or outside opening doors. 



.Our company produces several different types of frames (see frames section design). Suitable for casting concrete insideFrame sections
Frame that can be installed on plaster walls, and more ...

TB.LOCK doors are supplied with metal Construction Frames- this type of door-frame is designed for entrances and doorways installed during construction of the building or renovations and requires cementing the door-frame to the wall. The door-frame is made of 1.50 mm galvanized steel. The galvanized frame may be painted on site.



High Security Door Cylinders with both interactive and classic keys. Each cylinder comes with 5 keys and duplication Card. GUARANTEED WITH AFTER SALE SERVICES.

cylinderWe suggest the use of the Interactive cylinder for different reasons among them we can stress the following:

  1. One of the highest quality cylinders on the world market.
  2. Utter reliability of the cylinder.
  3. Tremendous number of combinations
  4. Great difficulty encountered in attempts to break in the 
    door / or use by intruders.
  5. The fact that an intruder cannot duplicate the key without
    the key's smart card.





Security Guard (Open view)


The Security Guard in "view" position allows partial opening of the entry door and prevents access of unwanted persons. When turned to "lock" position it is a supplementary secure locking system for the door.

The new device, fitted on the upper part of the frame, allows a perfectly free view. It's also in a totally safe position and far from possible aggression attempts.

The Security Guard can be installed on any single leaf entry door models.



Double-Action RIM LOCK:

(An Optional Additional Lock complete with Key)

In the first stage, when the key is turned one quarter rotation, the lock acts as a standard rim lock. This action enables a slight opening of the door, and creates a peephole that allows a perfectly free view.

During the second stage, when the key is turned one complete rotation, the lock acts as an additional bolt 14 mm. in diameter.

The rim lock can also be opened from the outside.


Door Finishes

The TB.LOCK collection includes a range of different finishes allowing the customer to select what suits most to the entrance of their home and to their own personal taste.


Decorative Painted Steel Door-

An exclusive paint process developed by TB.LOCK and adapted specifically to withstand difficult climate conditions. The paint process is based on electrostatic charged powder coating; the powder comes in a broad variety of shades and is oven-dried at 200 degrees Celsius.  

TB.LOCK paint process is amongst the most advanced coating processes and is a superior alternative to standard "wet" painting.


Wood Finish Steel Door

TB.LOCK offers Oak or African Walnut Wood finishes - recommended only when the door is protected from direct sunlight or rain.


Steel Door with Decorative PVC Finish-

TB.LOCK offers a large selection of PVC finishes: Walnut, Beech, and more - recommended only when the door is protected from direct sunlight.


Bottom Weatherstrip Brush

A brush weatherstrip is attached to the bottom of all TB.LOCK doors. The weatherstrip prevents penetration of dust and insects.



Multi- Point Locksets

Our metal doors designed to provide 4-way multi-bolt locking.


·         Operation: 
degrees 360 key rotation for deadbolt action
Additional cylinder travel or lever rotation for latch action 
Left- or right-hand application

·         Bolt dimensions: 
4 front bolts diameter 10 mm

·         Materials: 
Case and mechanism: steel
Bolts: steel



Development Department

Our company's development department works together with our business partners and customers  in order to meet the needs and demands of different tastes.

Our impeccable reputation at TB.LOCK is based on the strengths of our company in:

·         Manufacturing of Top Quality Security Doors

·         Compliance with the strictest international security regulations

·         Attractive Models and Designs, always up-to-date

·         Capacity to respond to tailor-made model requests

·         Ability to provide answers to demands from different markets.